Link Roundup 01-12-2008


  • February Challenge
    The month of February will be dedicated to colors! Pick a color a week and shoot at least three photos of that color during the week.
  • You’ve Got a Project? I’ve Got a Wiki!
    Antoine is putting together a photography project wiki to keep track of all the ongoing projects that can be found amongst the local blogs. If you host projects, I'd encourage you to contact him and help build up the structure of the site — it should be a great resource if we get a lot of folks on board.


  • Five Ways to Corespond With Signs in Your Photography
    Five great way to interact with signs in your pictures, and some great examples to go along with the points.
  • How To Clean Your Camera's Sensor
    Beyond Megapixels
    A 3 step guide to cleaning your dSLR's sensor: Air, brush, swab.
  • Colour space, where no man has gone before! Part 1: sRGB
    Brian Larter
    An introduction article to color spaces and the difference between Adobe RGB and sRGB when it comes to viewing images on the web.
  • How to Shoot Light Trails
    digital Photography School
    Great tips and techniques for shooting long-exposure light trails resulting from things like traffic at night.
  • Are you Creative enough?
    My Camera World
    Some tips and methods to help kick up your creative side in with the camera.
  • Steal this Image – Creative Commons at its Best for Photographers
    Another discussion on the Creative Commons. This one offers up advice for how to effectively utilize the licensing structure rather than take it as a threat to photography.
  • How and When Should I use a Shallow Depth of Field?
    How and When Should I use a Large Depth of Field?
    Tips for and applications of using shallow and large depths of field in photography — a great article duo that takes a look at both ends of the spectrum.
  • 10 More photos at the exact right time
    A picture is worth a thousand words, but there are pictures that worth much more. Another awesome collection of photos taken at the exact right time.
  • Video of the Week — More street photography! Here's another collection from Fastphotos.