December Challenge: Day 14 – The Auers

The Auer Family

Well, this is us — the whole family. We needed a Christmas photo, and we finally found the time to get together and do this. From left to right we have Brian, Rex, Bailey, and Candice. This was taken down at the south end of Torrey Pines State Beach right during that 10 minute window of decent light at sunset. I had to drag that stupid log down from the top of the beach because I forgot the blanket we were planning to sit on. And the flag was the doing of my children — they insisted it be in the picture.

I desaturated this photo because the full color image was a bit too much with the warm evening sun bouncing off the sand cliffs — way too much brown and orange that contrasted in a bad way with our colorful sweaters. So I converted to black and white and decreased the opacity of the adjustment layer to about 80%.

I hope you like it — Merry Christmas!

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