Photographers of the Olvera Street Photowalk

It seems as though the buzz from the Olvera Street photowalk has died down a bit, and photo uploads have slowed way down. Some of the other photowalkers already posted recaps and whatnot (check the bottom of this post), so I wanted to do something a little different.

Here is a list of the photowalkers, and some photos OF them rather than from them. For whatever reason, photographers enjoy taking photos of other photographers — I guess because we’re more comfortable with the idea that they’re more comfortable with it. Anyhow, enjoy the photos… and let me know if I messed up any links, names, or whatever (this is a big list and it’s 2AM)

The photos are from several photographers, so click on them to visit the image on the photographer’s Flickr page. Also, I’ve cropped them all square for formatting, so check them out to see the full image.


Brian 120 1Brian 120 2Brian 120 3Brian 120 4


Trevor 120 1Trevor 120 2Trevor 120 3Trevor 120 4


Sarah 120 1Sarah 120 2Sarah 120 3Sarah 120 4


Jessica 120 1Jessica 120 2Jessica 120 3Jessica 120 4


Bryan 120 1Bryan 120 2Bryan 120 3Bryan 120 4


James 120 1James 120 2James 120 3James 120 4


Ron 120 1Ron 120 2Ron 120 3Ron 120 4


Norman 120 1Norman 120 2Norman 120 3Norman 120 4


Patricia 120 1Patricia 120 2Patricia 120 3Patricia 120 4


Arnold 120 1Arnold 120 2Jason 120 1Leigh 120 1

And here are some links to the various photowalkers with websites or photo-sharing accounts.

And here are a few other blog posts from the photowalkers.

To see the rest of the photos from the photowalk, check on Flickr and Zooomr.