Link Roundup 11-03-2007

  • Photographer: Nick Brandt
    The Young Gallery
    Crazy set of black & white photos from Africa.
  • My Photo Editing “Code of Ethics”
    Photoshop Insider
    Scott Kelby (The Photoshop Guy) shares his personal code of ethics when it comes to post-processing.
  • 13 Lessons to Teach Your Child About Digital Photography
    digital Photography School
    Great tips to get your kids interested in and learning about digital photography.
  • An Update on Some of My Collections…
    Thomas Hawk's Digital Connection
    Thomas Hawk has been collecting images on a few specific, and interesting, topics. Check them out.
  • Inspired Photography
    “Inspired Photography”… what is the secret behind it? How do you attain it? Find out in this discussion on the creative process of photography.
  • 5 Slideshow Tools For Your Photos
    Pros and cons of five different slideshow utilities for displaying your images.
  • Video of the WeekChase Jarvis is a cool dude.