Quick-Tip: Aperture Bracketing

Most of us have heard of exposure bracketing, but how about aperture bracketing or f-number bracketing? When you bracket your exposure, you take multiple shots of the same scene at different exposures — usually at -1EV, 0EV, and +1EV exposure compensation. I often find myself doing the same type of thing with my aperture. I'll usually shoot three photos of the same scene using the aperture priority mode on the camera: one photo with a large aperture, one with a mid-range aperture, and one with a small aperture. I don't do this with every subject, but sometimes I'm unsure of what depth of field would work best for that scene. So by varying the aperture, I can get a sample of different DOFs and choose the best one back on the computer screen. This method has saved my photos on more than one occasion — especially while doing macro work!

From left to right: f/2.8, f/11, and f/32. I kept the f/32 shot and post-processed it. You can see that post-processing at “Dandelion Dandy“.