Vista, Viewpoints, and Red-Eye

I've been asked this by several people now (including my own mother): Who's the photographer for the Photo of the Day?  IT'S ME!  All of them are mine.  Some of them are random, and some of them are related to the post for the day — it just depends on my mood.  Now to business…

Microsoft Windows Vista Problems for Photographers

Scott Gilbertson at Wired:Monkeybites talks about “Vista Issues for Pro Photographers.”  The article talks about problems with disappearing metadata and issues with RAW files for certain cameras.  So if you're a photographer and you care about your photos, do your homework before upgrading to Vista — I know I'll probably be waiting for at least another six months.

How to Vary Your Viewpoint for Better Photos

Elizabeth West at Photodoto urges you to “Vary Your Viewpoint” when you're out snapping shots.  She addresses the fact that we sometimes forget to take photos from different locations and angles, thus missing out on great photo opportunities.  Some of her tips include getting low, getting high, and making a point to try different angles before moving on to the next shot.  My photo of the day is one of my attempts at varying the viewpoint (it's also an IR conversion).

How to Avoid Red-Eye in Flash Photography

Gregg Ellman at The Free Lance-Star tells us how to “Say ‘Cheese,' but Pass on the ‘Red Eye' Look.”  This is a good set of tips and tricks to help you either eliminate or reduce the effects of red-eye in flash photography.  The best tips, in my humble opinion, are to use a bounce flash and don't have the subject look directly at the camera.  Even when you think you're being careful, red-eye can happen.  If it does, Photoshop and many other editing tools offer a fairly simple and effective red-eye removal tool. 

Photo of the Day…

Under the Willow (Infrared)

Photo by Brian Auer
08/21/06 High Bridge, NJ
Looking up at a willow tree at Spruce Run State Park
Konica Minolta Maxxum 7D
Konica Minolta AF DT 18-200
27mm equiv * f/10 * 1/100s * ISO100