Powerful portraits, where to find filters, second-hand cameras, and more…

Today we have some learnings, how-tos, tips, and techniques to amplify your portrait photography, the best places to find second-hand cameras and lenses, and the best ND filters on the market. We also have a piece on the best WordPress themes for photographers…

So let's get into it…

Learn how to master the Art of Portrait Photography with this intuitive guide – If you want to take beautiful portraits then take a look at The Art of Portrait Photography. This course is the guaranteed fastest way to start producing your own inspiring, memorable portraits that convey real meaning and emotion. Producing outstanding portraits is hard, but the challenges are what make it so rewarding. So, grab a copy of this course and learn how to take unforgettable portraits.

man wearing eyeglasses
Photo by Denerio Watkins

Using Architecture to Amplify your Portraiture Photography – Whether it’s spontaneous or well-planned, you can creatively adapt buildings, landscape, and other surrounding elements to amplify your portraits. Experiment with different angles, show the scale of a building or play around with geometry and perspective. You can then use these portraits in versatile ways, like creating a quirky image for Instagram or capturing a fine art portrait print.

27 Powerful Portrait Photography Composition Examples Incorporating Trees and Leaves – As you probably know, coming up with interesting ideas for a shoot can be quite difficult. For that reason, we sometimes like to put together image collections that are designed to spark some creative ideas in your mind or for you to riff off. Of course, it’s best if you can add your own original twist to make your photoshoot successful.

man in blue denim jacket standing near body of water during daytime
Photo by Jonathan Adams

The Best Places to Buy Used Cameras and Lenses in 2021 – Perhaps you are looking for a second camera or even a dream camera that you can't afford new. You might like to take a look at buying second-hand. Here's where to find the best second-hand cameras and lenses.

The 8 best WordPress themes for photographers – A well-curated and sophisticated online portfolio is one of the most effective ways for photographers to attract new audiences. And with WordPress remaining one of the most popular and easy-to-use website building platforms and content management systems (CMS) on the market, both amateur and professional snappers can use it successfully to showcase their best pictures. Here is a list of the best themes to use.

smiling woman wearing turban
Photo by Prince Akachi

The Best ND Filters You Can Buy in 2021 (9 Picks) – Choosing the best ND filter isn’t just about buying whatever option is the most expensive. While some pricier filters certainly use higher-quality components than their cheaper counterparts, there are a variety of factors to consider when looking at neutral density filters. Here are the top 9 picks to steer you in the right direction.