Landscapes, panning, and the sound of shutters

Today we have an eclectic mix from around the web. We take a look at a course on capturing amazing landscapes, drool over the 10 best cameras for landscape photography, are inspired by the panoramas of Lazar Gintchin, learn how to master panning, and much more…

So let's get into it…

Learn how to take amazing landscapes like the ones below with this course – Have you ever looked at a landscape photo and just been blown away? How do photographers take these amazing photos and make them look extraordinary?  If you’ve ever wanted to capture images that inspire, here is a great course that is comprehensive in its training and the illustrations give you the visuals to help you grasp the concepts of great landscape photography. Better still are the assignments that help you put your learnings into practice – so take a look here. 

silhouette of person standing on rock surrounded by body of water
Photo by Mohamed Nohassi

10 Best Cameras for Landscape Photography (in 2021) – We love getting out and photographing landscapes, but choosing a camera for landscape photography can be a daunting task. Here is a great list outlining the best landscape cameras that will suit you, whether you’re a beginner looking to get your first camera or a more experienced photographer looking for a more dedicated option.

Lazar Gintchin’s Panoramic Fine Art Landscapes Are Inspiring – Be inspired by the stunning panoramic landscape fine art photography from Lazar that he captured in Meteora. In this article, Lazar Gintchin shares his experience on how and why he photographed these spellbinding images.

golden hour photography of rock formation on body of water
Photo by Jessica Ruscello

6 Tips to Master Panning Photography – Panning is a great technique you should embrace. You know those photos where a car or motorcycle appears sharp while the background appears to be out of focus? This is called panning photography. Here you'll find six simple tips to help you master the art of panning and ensure you get great results.

Travel Photography: Why if You Might Need it, You Should Bring It – Here is an interesting video on packing for travel photography. Contrary to most of these lists, where you are encouraged to “leave things behind in the interests of keeping your pack light”, here the opposite is true. As they note, it is amazing how portable most photography, videography, and computer gear have become, so pack what you think you might need!

waves of body of water splashing on sand
Photo by Quino Al

Listen To The Satisfying Shutter Sounds of 18 Different Cameras – Here is a fun piece to end the day with. Photographer Sails Chong has published an acoustically satisfying video that shares the sounds of 18 different camera shutters giving you a rather relaxing musical interlude.