From composition to the Milky Way…

Today we have a mix of interesting articles from the internet. Learn advanced composition techniques with this great course, double down on the rule of thirds, 100 helpful tips for beginners, tips on editing your Milky Way photos in Lightroom, and more…

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Learn advanced composition techniques with this comprehensive course – Getting composition right has always been the greatest challenge for the photographer. If you’d like to get better at photography composition and learn concepts that go beyond the basics, you should take a look at Advanced Composition. This course goes beyond the ‘rule of thirds’ to cover composition concepts such as color placement, rhythm, and texture to name a few. Take a look at this course here. 

Photo by Margaux d’Arbeloff

Photography Composition Tip and Assignment: The Rule of Thirds – The rule of thirds is a composition guideline that you've probably heard a lot about and this article provides more information for you to absorb. The rule of thirds is a way of composing your image in a visually pleasing way. It divides the frame into a three-by-three grid and you use this guide to align your subject along a horizontal or vertical grid line on one of the thirds (or the focal point of the image on one of the 4 intersecting points of the grid) for a pleasing effect.

100 Photography Tips for Beginners – Here is a great video on a list of 100 tips that will help you if you are a beginner in photography. These tips will hopefully help you avoid some of the basic mistakes that you make through trial and error.

shallow focus photo of purple flowers
Photo by Siora Photography

Why Practicing Street Photography Makes You a Better Person – Here is an interesting article that focuses on the practice of being patient, diligent, truthful, and charitable and how these virtues can manifest through the process of capturing images of everyday life from the street. It is an interesting concept of street photography as a tool to help practice and perfect these virtues and evolve as a person.

How to Shoot In Natural Light Without Modifiers Like a Pro – Shooting in natural light can be quite difficult. Here is a piece that outlines how to successfully navigate the intricacies of shooting in natural light. From harsh daylight to dappled light, it goes through various scenarios and helps you understand light to get the best images without modifiers.

white sedan on parking lot during day time
Photo by Gerrie van der Walt

How to Edit Milky Way Photos in Lightroom – Here is a step-by-step process in Lightroom to help your Milky Way photos pop without losing image quality. It will take you from an unedited image through the entire process to see how these steps produce a great image of the Milky Way.