ISO, post-processing, composition, and more…

Today we will have found some interesting pieces on the net for you to enjoy. A couple of articles on ISO have piqued our interest. ISO is a generally misunderstood setting, so it is great to get a refresh. Finding Lightroom tools that you may not know about is always exciting and some composition tips round out today's wrap

Let's get into it…

Learn how to master your camera with this DSLR Crash Course – if you want to take stunning photographs like the ones below, then check out this DSLR crash course. You have the DSLR, but now you need to understand the building blocks of photography. This is a course where you will be taken by the hand and lead step-by-step in discovering photography skills using your DSLR.

Photo by Johannes Plenio

The Most Critical Camera Setting: What is ISO on a Camera? – ISO is one of the most misunderstood camera settings for beginner photographers. In simple terms, the ISO setting in your camera affects how sensitive the sensor is to light. Here is a great article to help you understand the basics

10 Lightroom Tools You Never Knew About – This video will walk you through some Lightroom tools that you may not know about. It is always great to get new tips on the awesome features in Lightroom and I'm sure we aren't all using it to its full potential!

lightning near body of water and rock formation
Photo by Jeremy Bishop

When to Use a High ISO (+ Tips for High-ISO Photography) – More on ISO and this piece takes you through using high ISO settings on your camera. It looks at why high ISOs can be a good thing for your photography, tips and tricks for using higher ISOs to get the best images, and how to understand the maximum ISO setting for your camera.

Photography Composition Tip and Assignment: Interesting Point of View – In this video, you get composition tips on finding interesting points of view. Using the camera to “see” in a different way is a great composition aid. Looking up, moving around, looking down is a great way of finding interesting ways to capture ordinary subjects

time-lapse photography of thunderbolt
Photo by Bethany Laird

5 Basic Mistakes to Avoid When Post-Processing Landscapes – We can all acknowledge that we've made some of these basic mistakes in our post-processing. Here is an interesting article on five straightforward errors that you should avoid (and it doesn't hurt to have a list!)