Creative inspiration, street photography, and editing tips

Today we have a mix of stories and articles from around the web that will improve your photography. Taking a look at 4 small cameras that will allow you to remain hidden while you capture the streets, there is a list of creative photography ideas that will improve your images, inspiration to advance your portrait photography capability, and Lightroom editing tips to take your images to the next level.

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Learn how to take your street photography from average to stunning with these presets – Here you’ll find timesaving Lightroom presets that will have you spending less time in front of the computer screen and more time out shooting. The Street Preset bundle is a great way to ensure that your post-processing enhances your street photography so that the emotion, story-telling, and everyday life you’ve captured really pops.

4 Small Cameras That Will Help Keep You Hidden On The Streets – In this article, you will find a list of cameras that will ensure that you remain discreet while capturing the everyday humor, passion, or doldrums of the streets.

brown city bike beside brown wooden door
Photo by Volkan Vardar

Six Creative Photography Ideas to Improve Your Photos – Looking for ways to improve your photography? Here are some ideas that will inspire you and challenge you to produce better images. From getting a new perspective on a familiar genre to taking on a case study or focussing on one subject and finding interesting ways to photograph it are just some of the tips.

Five Beginner Lightroom Editing Tips to Dramatically Improve Your Photos – In this video, you'll find some great tips that will make a dramatic difference to your images. They are simple to learn as well.

man in blue shirt sitting on concrete stairs
Photo by Mihai Pirlitu

11 Portrait Photography Ideas to Inspire You – If you want to take your portrait photography to the next level, then be inspired by these ideas. Coming up with a fresh take on a genre you might be very familiar with can be difficult, so perusing these 11 ideas and taking the challenge to implement them and give them a go will improve your ability no end.

How to Get a Film Look With Digital Black And White Photography – Black and white photography remains one of the most embraced creative tools that adds power and pathos to images. There is an emotion to black and white that often cannot be replicated in color photography. Here in this tutorial, you'll learn the tools that will allow you to get a film look via your digital camera.

people sitting on bench near trees during daytime
Photo by Fahrizal Saugi

Macro lenses vs. extension tubes: Which one should you choose? – This article debates the pros and cons of purchasing a dedicated macro lens or simply using extension tubes to magnify your subject. Of course, a new lens is an investment, but perhaps it isn't the right option for you. If you are tempted by photographing the macro world, then take a look at this article first.