Landscapes, seascapes, aesthetics, and more…

We all love landscape photography and today we will look at a great landscape photography course, 5 things that you won't get told as a landscape photographer, tips for photographing the ocean, composition inspiration, and a simple guide for creating beautiful images.

So let's get started…

Learn how to make your landscapes pop with this course – Have you ever looked at a landscape photo and gone “WOW”! How do photographers take these amazing photos and make them look extraordinary?  If you’ve ever wanted to capture images like the ones below, here is a great course that is comprehensive in its training and the illustrations give you the visuals to help you grasp the concepts of great landscape photography. Better still are the assignments that help you put your learnings into practice – so take a look here. 

Photo by Ishan

5 Things No One Tells You About Being a Landscape Photographer – Here this interesting video discusses five things no one really tells you about being a landscape photographer and offers some great tips and advice in the process. It is a great reminder of how arduous, but rewarding being a landscape photographer can be.

15 Tips for Photographing the Ocean – So we move from a piece on landscapes to seascape (really more of the landscape genre) and here are some great tips for getting the best images of the majesty that is the ocean. The tips include everything from protecting your gear to the best time of day to go out.

seashore during golden hour
Photo by Sean O.

Photography Aesthetic: A Simple Guide to Creating Beautiful Photos – So what is an aesthetic in the context of photography? This article goes into those pieces of the photography puzzle – composition, light, colour and contrast, exposure and tone – that combined make for a beautiful, aesthetically pleasing image.

Triangle Composition in Photography: A Quick Guide (Plus Tips) – Using triangles in your composition is something you should consider and this article tells you how. Triangles can be used to add impact, lead the eye, and emphasize spirited angles unfolding within the photographic frame. If you want to change up your composition then here's how.

body of water flash on rocks
Photo by Dan Stark

Great Storytelling (Hint: It’s More Than Just Taking Interesting Photos) – Here are some interesting tips on thinking like a cinematographer and planning out a story with your images. Thinking about a visual narrative rather than capturing the shot, is a way to add interest and purpose to your photography.