Embrace the night with this mix of night photography inspiration

Today we are embracing the night. Here you'll find articles, guides, and inspiration on a variety of night photography subjects. Learn how to photograph fireworks, nail night photography exposure, learn how to use the moon to light your night landscapes, and be inspired by 12 years of Milky Way photographs combined into one

Learn how to take phenomenal photographs of fireworks with this guide – Capturing fireworks in all their glory isn't an easy thing to do and in fact, it can be a little daunting. If you want to take photographs like the one below that elicit oohs and aahs long after the end of the celebrations, then take a look at How to Photograph Fireworks. This guide covers everything you'll need from equipment to camera settings and even information on post-processing, to ensure you achieve great results.

Photo By Gerd Altmann

9 Night Photography Tips for Nailing Your Exposure (Every Time) – Here is a great article with tips and tricks for getting your exposure right when taking photographs at night. Here you'll find information on the best exposure mode for night photography, the best night photography shutter speed, aperture, and ISO settings, and a quick way to check your night exposures are correct.

How to Use Moonlight for Night-Time Landscapes – One of the most ethereal ways to light your landscapes at night is by using moonlight. Here is a great article explaining in depth how you can illuminate a landscape at night for landscape photography.

fireworks at night
Photo by Weston MacKinnon

    Light painting 101: Two quick steps to lighting a Joshua Tree for dimensionality at night – Here is a very quick rundown on how this photographer illuminated a Joshua Tree in Joshua Tree National Park in California with great results.

    Astrophotographer Combined 12 Years of Milky Way Images Into One Giant ‘Grand Mosaic’ – For inspiration, take a look at Finnish artist and astrophotographer J-P Metsavainio's wonderful mosaic. Metsavainio spent 12 years capturing high-resolution images of the Milky Way, slowly stitching them together to create a final image that is 100,000 pixels wide. This 1.7-gigapixel portrait of our galaxy represents more than 1,250 hours of photographic exposure which has been masterfully combined into a seamless image which Metsavainio calls the Great Mosaic of Milky Way.

    white fireworks
    Photo by Daniela Turcanu

    Photographer Captures Aurora Over Iceland’s Erupting Volcano – When the Geldingadalur volcano in Iceland erupted last month, photographer Christopher Mathews set out to capture memorable photos of it. After several disappointments, he was treated to the dazzling sight of the northern lights dancing over the eruption. Take a look at this wonderful image here.