Breaking the rules for landscape photography

Today we look at ways to creatively capture landscapes. Take a look at why you should use a 50mm lens for your landscape photography. Perhaps you should shift to a telephoto lens for your landscapes (although it may be a little counterintuitive). Try photographing into the light to add drama to your images and see how breaking the status quo when it comes to capturing landscapes spurs creativity and makes beautiful images.

50mm Lens Is All You Need For Landscape Photography – In this great video, you'll take a look at why a 50mm lens is for landscape photography. 50mm isn't a lens you would normally think of using for landscape photography but these reasons make a compelling argument to start giving it a try.

forest heat by sunbeam
Photo by Johannes Plenio

Learn how to make your landscapes pop with this course – Have you ever looked at a landscape photo and gone “WOW”! How do photographers take these amazing photos and make them look extraordinary?  If you’ve ever wanted to capture images like the ones below, here is a great course that is comprehensive in its training and the illustrations give you the visuals to help you grasp the concepts of great landscape photography. Better still are the assignments that help you put your learnings into practice – so take a look here. 

Tips for using a telephoto lens for landscape photography – While you might usually expect a wide-angle lens for landscape photography, there are reasons to give a telephoto lens a try. It is worth noting that not all locations for landscape images will benefit from a wide sweeping shot. Some will actually require the extra reach that a telephoto lens can provide.

waterfalls at daytime
Photo by Robert Lukeman

This Landscape Photographer Breaks All the Rules and Gets Great Photos – Landscape photographers generally do everything they can to ensure top-level image quality: a slow, deliberate workflow, steady tripods, mirror lockup mode, low ISOs, and more. So, what happens when you go against all that? It turns out you can still create fantastic images. This interesting video follows a photographer as he eschews all the rules for the sake of creativity.

How to Photograph Into the Light for Stunning Results – Photographing into the light is a great way to add drama to your images. There are various ways you can approach this style of photography and having a scene lit from behind can serve to bring out the shape and form of subjects in a beautiful way. This article outlines how you might choose to creatively use this type of lighting for stunning outcomes.

rock formation on wide field grass under cloudy blue sky during daytime
Photo by Michal Kmeť

The Best Laptop for Photo Editing in 2021 – So if you are looking for a new laptop and you are going to be editing your RAW images, then it is worth reading this article before you make your purchase. Whether you’re looking for a high-end laptop for professional photo editing or a budget laptop for personal use, you can rest easy knowing there’s a great option for you.