Embracing street photography, the best time to take photos outdoors, water splash photography and more…

Today we take ourselves to the streets and look at some great articles on street photography as well as some presets to make your images pop, we will hear about the best time to go outside and take some images of the great outdoors and look at some fun and creative ideas with ski photography in your backyard and water splash photography.

Let's get started.

Street Photography: Let Your Feelings Guide You – In this piece, you get a master class from professional street photographer Kenneth Hines, Jr. He discusses not only on camera gear and settings, but also hear about his spontaneous approach to street photography.

man in black jacket walking in tunnel
Photo by Hamidreza Torabi

10 Best Cities For Street Photography…In The World! – Here is a list of cities that are particularly suited for street photography. Capturing the essence of everyday life, the humor, the sadness, the mundane and the ridiculous are just some of the elements that make street photography such an engaging pastime. Here is a list of cities to whet your street photography appetite

Take your street photography from average to stunning with these presets – Here you'll find timesaving Lightroom presets that will have you spending less time in front of the computer screen and more time out shooting. The Street Preset bundle is a great way to ensure that your post processing enhances your street photography so that the emotion, story-telling and everyday life you've captured really pops.

gray scale photo of hallway
Photo by Omid Armin

The Best Time to Take Pictures Outside – This is a great article on the best time of the day to take pictures outside. It covers taking images at golden hour, blue hour and even at midday. Taking pictures outdoors is all about understanding light and this piece goes through your options.

Ski photography — in your backyard! – Here is a great DIY story, where the writer attempts a ski photoshoot in a friends' backyard. This is a great story on trialing creativity and hopefully it inspires you to get creative as well.

yellow taxi on road
Photo by Janis Rozenfelds

Water Splash Photography Made Easy – Water splash photography should be the next creative technique you try. Here is an overview of how to take amazing photos of splashes. This article goes through the gear you'll need – in fact you don't really need anything specialised, how to focus correctly, lighting and some useful tips to get you into this impressive technique.