Astrophotography basics including post production, the best camera bag for you and double exposures using film

Today we have some timely astrophotography tips and techniques to get you out shooting the night sky. We all love a camera bag and here is a list of the best, a more philosophical piece on photography as a passion vs turning that into a business and creating double exposures using film

Enjoy the collection…

Take your night sky photography to the next level with these post production tools– If you want to make your images of the cosmos pop, then take a look at this total editing solution for your night sky photographs. The Milky Way Magic Toolkit gives you every Lightroom preset, brush and formula you will ever need to make your images like the ones we have for you below. The associated guide will also take you through the minutiae of shooting and post producing the stars so that you can capture the night sky in all its glory.

Photo by Ryan Hutton

Astrophotography Basics That Will Serve Newcomers Well This Season – Here is a great beginner’s guide to astrophotography. This quick guide will look at astrophotography basics and cover things such as camera settings and the 500 rule. So, if you’re ready to try your hand at astrophotography, then this guide will set you in good stead.

How to Photograph the Milky Way in 12 Steps (With 18 Epic Examples) – Because of the wide accessibility to, and technological sophistication of digital cameras, anyone can photograph the universe. And one of the easiest astrophotography subjects to capture is also one of the most impressive: the Milky Way Galaxy. Here is a great piece that shows you exactly how to photograph the Milky Way for stunning results.

rocks under milky way
Photo by Luca Baggio

Best camera bag: Lug your photo equipment safely, and in style – The best camera bag is a life-long obsession for many photographers. The scenario you don't want to happen is to spend the whole day out shooting with an irritating camera bag that is uncomfortable and overly complicated to get your camera out of! If your camera bag is bulky and uncomfortable it can even make you not want to use the camera. The best camera bags will be suited specifically to your camera type and gear, as well as designed for your optimal comfort. With so many options on the market, it isn’t always easy to figure out what is best but here is a great review that will help you out.

Let’s Talk Photography as a Business vs. Passion – This is a difficult question and one that applies to most of the creative arts. Should you go into photography as a business, or should you keep it a passion? Here is a great piece where this is the main point of conversation and understanding of why the business of photography might deter you from making photography a full-time career.

Photo by Clayton Caldwell

How to create stunning double exposures with film cameras – There is something fascinating and etherial about double exposures. And there’s something rewarding and exciting with doing it the old school way by successfully double exposing the film to capture the creative vision you were seeking. If you’re yet to try it but aren’t sure how or get started, these simple tips should be able to give you some ideas.