Essential Photoshop course and editing tips, the rule of odds and more…

Today we have found some great editing course and tips to take your photographs from ho-hum to wow, a great reminder of the compositional rule of odds, some simple tips to nail your exposure and choosing the right focal length for your portrait photography.

Grab a coffee, kick back and enjoy…

Turn ordinary photos into something extraordinary with this Photoshop course – In this course, award winning landscape photographer Adam Williams take you through an easy to follow 5 step Photoshop workflow that will take your images to the next level and unlock your creative vision.

shallow focus photography of water falls
Photo by Andrey Andreyev

These Are the MOST Important Photo Editing Tools No Matter What Software You Use –  Here you’ll see some of the most important photo editing tools and how to use them. The best thing is that while these tips are demonstrated through Lightroom, the techniques are equally relevant regardless of the software you use

Three common misconceptions about street photography – Discussed here is three of the most common misconceptions about the genre that is street photography. Is it really street photography if there a no people in the frame? Must an image in black and white to qualify? and more.

three flying hot air balloons
Photo by Aaron Burden

The Rule of Odds in Photography (An Easy Trick for Better Compositions) -The rule of odds is a fascinating compositional rule which is all about creating visual pleasure and dynamism. Where you can, your composition should have an odd number of objects, not an even number of objects. Even numbers create symmetry that is in fact unnaturally static, whereas an odd number of elements will frame your subject in a pleasing way. 

Luminosity explained: 7 SIMPLE TIPS to get the perfect EXPOSURE – In this video we learn about exposure and some great tips on how to get your exposure correct every time. ​

man sitting on gray dock
Photo by Simon Migaj

Small and Powerful: These Cameras are Perfect For Travel Photography – The cameras in this list are all compact, powerful and robust. These cameras also have the latest and greatest autofocus systems and sensors that capture the detail you want in your travel photography. Pair these cameras up with some lightweight prime lenses, and you’ll have a perfect travel photography kit.

Choosing the “right” focal length for portrait photography – The most commonly spouted rule of portrait photography is that you should use a focal length of 50mm. Of course, this rule is definitely a good one to abide by if you’re new to portrait photography. However, once you get more comfortable you'll want to branch out and this article will walk you through how to pick the “right” focal length for your portraits.