Long exposure, light painting DIY, the best cloud storage for your photographs and more…

Today we've found some great articles, courses and tips from across the internet. Take a look at long exposure, as it is definitely a technique that adds “wow” to your photographs. What's not to love with light painting and a simple DIY that will have you giving this form of photography a go. To print your images at home or send them to a lab is up for debate and we look at the best cloud storage solutions for photographers right now.

Let's get into it…

Learn everything there is to know about long exposure photography with this guide – Long exposure photography is a fun way to add pizzaz to your photographs. One of the key components of light painting – like the magnificent photographs below – is long exposure. This course will show you how to produce amazing long exposure images that will wow your family and friends.

steel wool photography between concrete wall
Photo by Steve Halama

Make this light painting tool with a plastic bottle and some tape – Who doesn't love a photography DIY. Here you'll learn how to create a light painting tool from items you have lying around the house: just a plastic bottle and some tape.

Choosing Lenses: When to Use Which Lens and Why – All camera systems offer a dizzying selection of lenses. You’ve got zooms, primes, macro lenses, super telephotos, tilt-shift lenses, and more. So when do you use which lens – this article answers all your questions.

Photo by João Bueno

Is it better to print your photos at home or send them to a lab? – This is a great question and here you'll get a discussion on the advantages of both options. If I'm honest, I do both and I enjoy the flexibility of having an at home print option.

Camera Lens Yellowing: Here’s What to Do – If you use older camera lenses for your photography you might have run into the problem of lens yellowing. Here is a great “how to” so you can fix it yourself.

steel wire on bridge
Photo by Chanakya

The Best Cloud Storage Platforms for Photographers in 2021 – We love the cloud and here is an article on the best cloud storage out there for you to securely save your photographs. Of course the overarching benefit of cloud storage is that your images will be available anytime anywhere with an internet connection. So make sure you have this storage solution as part of your workflow.