The best DSLR camera for beginners, travel photography tips and images from Jupiter

Today we have a collection that is out of this world. The best DSLR camera for beginners plus a course that gives you the skills to use your new kit. We then have found pieces on taking your camera out and about – tips if you are hiking for photography and then making sure that when you travel you are not only seeking out the cliches, but also honing in on the details to ensure you've captured the essence of your journey…We then journey further to find that the spacecraft Juno is still happily taking travel snaps of Jupiter for our edification and enjoyment.


DSLR Crash Course – if you want to take stunning photographs like the one by Dustin Humes below, then check out this DSLR crash course. You have the DSLR, but now you need to understand the building blocks of photography. This is a course where you will be taken by the hand and lead step-by-step in discovering photography skills using your DSLR.

gold and silver round coins
Photo by Dustin Humes

Best DSLR camera for beginners – Do you use your smartphone for all your photography but want to progress to the next level? Even entry-level DSLR cameras offer decidedly more flexibility and room to grow your photographic skill. Here is a guide to the best DSLR camera for beginners to help you start taking photographs your phone never could.

Invest in your photography skills first, instead of a new camera – Been saving up for a new camera and think it’s finally time for you buy one? Before you spend your hard earned money on a new camera, you may want to consider investing in yourself to capture those images you've been daydreaming about.

green and gray rocky mountain
Photo by David Tip

Five tips for the hiking photographer – There is something about traipsing over the countryside and then finally finding the composition of the landscape that you want to capture. Here are five tips that are really useful if you happen to be travelling for half the day or are only going a short distance.

How To Isolate Interesting Details In Travel Photography – We all know the cliched shots of travel sites – and don't get us wrong, we love them! But sometimes to really capture the mood of the city or site you are at takes a little more creativity. Here is an article detailing why it is best to not only capture the cliched image, but also hone in on those interesting details that really get to the heart of a well known (or dare we say overexposed) location.

Image by NASA/JPL-Caltech

Juno Sends Back Awesome New Picture of Jupiter – So these are a little further afield. The Juno space probe was launched in 2011 to gather critical information for understanding our solar system's largest planet – Jupiter. And Juno continues to send through stunning images of Jupiter. As an added bonus, you can access all the RAW images from Juno here for you to edit, process and use as you see fit.