The Sony a1, modern photography and great photography books you should read.

Today we have a little of everything for your enjoyment. We love the article showing you 5 portrait lighting setups with 1 light, there is also a list of great photography books – which is a topic we will always click on. Is the Sony a1 really worth the hype and more from around the web.

So pour yourself a cup of tea and let's get into it.

Portrait Lighting in 10 Minutes: 1 Light – 5 Setups – Here is a great piece on using 1 light to get 5 portrait lighting setups. The 5 one-light modifier setups are Rembrandt, butterfly, clamshell, square and backlit flat lighting.

An Unbiased Analysis: Is the Sony a1 Worth the Hype? – The Sony a1 is Sony's flagship camera, a high-end full-frame mirrorless camera that has become the darling of the review circuit. Photographers have been on the hunt for a professional camera with innovation. So is the Sony a1 the camera we've all been waiting for?

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Photo by Ed Robertson

Read These Great Photography Books and Increase Your Knowledge – There are photography books in this list for all tastes and all skill levels. So if you want to increase your photography knowledge or just enjoy a good read, we are sure you'll find something.

Answering the question, which mirrorless camera should I buy? – If you’re just getting into photography, there are several things to consider when buying a camera. So if you are looking for a new camera, here is some information on which mirrorless camera you should invest in.

Photo by Martin Adams

Everything You Need to Know About Modern Photography – Modern Photography refers to the Modernist Photography movement, which lasted from 1910 to 1960. Instrumental in taking photography into the realm of art, this history lesson is worthy of your time.

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