Long exposure, water drop photography and more

Today's treasure trove of photography inspiration comes from around the internet. We have some great tips covering long exposure photography, some ways to make your forrest images really sparkle and a wonderful story of finding a hidden photographer's studio.

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‘Hidden Away’ for a Century, a Photographer’s Studio Is Found – Hidden in a disused attic, this new owner found a treasure trove of images in what was a turn of the century portrait studio.

12 Ways To Turn Boring Woodlands Into Magical Photographs – Woodlands are beautiful, but they can be difficult to photograph, particularly as there can be no single strong feature to focus on. Right now, many of us are photographing close to home so here are 12 tips to help you make the most of your nearest woodland.

landscape photography of bridge near high-rise buildings
Photo by Chen Dairui

This beginner’s guide walks you through the basics of long exposure photography – Long exposure photography is a lot of fun, whether it’s landscapes, cityscapes or light painting. This article offers you an overview of the basics of long exposure.

How To Get Started in Water Drop Photography – Another amazing beginners guide to get you started. With water drop photography, the beauty is that you don’t need a lot of equipment but you will need perseverance and practice to capture the ultimate photograph of water drops.

How to Shoot Street Photography During a Pandemic – an interesting overview of the vagaries of shooting in our new normal and some tips on capturing those decisive moments during the COVID pandemic.

If Your Lightroom is Running Slow, Here’s Probably Why: – Eight great reasons Lightroom might be running slow for you and how to fix it

view of seashore sunset
Photo by Igor Kasalovic

Nail long exposure landscape photos with these easy tips – Another long exposure piece – and let's face it, long exposure is one of the most effective techniques in landscape photography. Use these tips to challenge yourself to get a punchy, properly exposed image.

If you are interested in long exposure photography and would like to take beautiful shots like the one from Igor Kasalovic above, we recommend The Complete Guide to Long Exposure Photography.