Inspiration from photography award winners, tips to boost your creativity and identifying good foregrounds

Here at Epic Edits we are once again bringing you your daily dose of amazing photography articles and tutorials from around the web. More photography award winners are on display, we've found an interesting piece on why you need to share your photos and a “how to” on good foregrounds for those of you who love landscapes.

Why Share Your Photos? – In today's binge world why not make sure that others are consuming your images and content. Here is a piece on why it is important to share your photos.

    assorted-color of houses near lake
    Photo by Alex Vasey

    These Are the Winners of the 2020 Travel Photographer of the Year – Despite the challenges presented by 2020, the Travel Photographer of the Year saw impressive entries. The top honor went to a photographer from Russia. Vladimir Alekseev’s impressive set of images are a vibrant mix of landscapes, wildlife, and people.

    Destination Antarctica – Over at Outdoor Photographer read photographer Jon McCormack's personal account of his journey to Antarctica.

    Winning Photographs from Around the World Focus on Nature -These are a few of the striking photographs that are National Awards winners in the 2021 Sony World Photography Awards. The National Awards program is an initiative set up by the World Photography Organisation and Sony to support local photographic communities around the world.

    10 Tips to Boost Your Creativity – In this article, you’ll discover tips to boost your creativity so that you can start taking photos that stand out from the crowd.

    brown house near body of water
    Photo by Luca Bravo

    How To Identify Good Foregrounds for Landscape Photographs – Foreground interest is fundamental to landscape photography, it can add interest, depth and dimension to your images. But how do you effectively identify a viable foreground for your images? Here's how.

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