Underwater Photo Winners, Inspiring Clouds, Newborn Photography and More…

Another wonderful day in the world of photography. We have included some of our favourite stories and photo collections for inspiration. Enjoy!

The Jaw-Dropping Winners of the Underwater Photographer of the Year 2021 Awards – The underwater world has never looked so magical, mysterious and mesmerising. These photographs are some of the stunning medal winners in the Underwater Photographer of the Year 2021 contest.

brown cliff
Photo by Kevin Lanceplaine

19 Inspiring Photos of Clouds – Any outdoor photographer knows that clouds can often add a lot of power to a photographic scene. Whether you're using the clouds as an addendum to another subject or specifically making them the centre of interest, the ever-changing nature of them makes them something worth coming to grips with in your outdoor and landscape photos.

Why Black and White Photography Needs Intention – Ask anyone who specializes in black and white photography what makes it great despite the absence of color, and they will give you a variety of answers. It has a timeless and elegant quality. It forces you to examine the composition and pay more attention to the story. It’s an effective way to demonstrate the contrast of light and shadows.

Newborn Photography Tips: Props, Poses, & More – Here are some of the great tips a pro has learned in more than a decade of photographing the tiniest clients.

Better Make a ‘Bad’ Photo than No Photo – What holds us back in our photography? Paralysis by analysis when we don’t photograph something, with the fear that it might be a ‘bad’ photograph.

Luminar Review – Is This a Viable Adobe Alternative? – Luminar, for Mac and Windows, is a universal all-in-one photo app designed to offer everything a modern photographer needs for photo editing.

Photoshop Layers (What are They and Why Use Them? – When you are using adjustment Layers in Photoshop, think about them like transparencies on an old overhead projector. Each transparency can have different pictures or text, then another one laid on top of it with new pictures or text, blending into the layer below it. If you change your mind about a word or picture, you can simply go to that particular transparency layer and alter or erase whatever needed.

The Ultimate Guide to External Flash in Photography – One of the most efficient ways to give your photography a bit of extra oomph is with artificial lighting. And it’s really not that hard—at least, not once you know some basic flash guidelines.

snow mountain under stars
Photo by Benjamin Voros

Milky Way Magic – Ever wanted to take Milky Way photographs like this one from Benjamin? The Milky Way Magic Toolkit gives you a shooting guide, photo formulas and Lightroom tools so that you have everything you need to emulate shots like this.