Landscape Technique by a Pro & More Photo News

A few interesting articles in the world of photography today that are worth reading. Here are the ones that we liked.

Visualize, Plan, Shoot – This article by Glenn Randall takes us through the whole process of capturing a stunning landscape image with special reference to maps in the planning stage. Worth a read.

body of water surrounded by trees
Photo by Bailey Zindel

What’s the future of cameras and what’s coming in 2021? – I always love keeping these articles in mind for a year's time to see how accurate they are. Some reasonable predictions in this one.

It’s Not As Simple As Black And White – This article is about predicting the success of a shot as a black and white image. As the title suggests, it's not always that simple.

2020 CIPA Figures Confirm the Expected: It Was a Rough Year – It's no big secret that camera manufacturers are in trouble, but it's not all bad news.

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