Grab A Coffee And Relax With Your Latest Photography Round Up

Keeping it up with all the ton of photography related news is hard; but don't worry, we have done all the hard work for you! Welcome to your latest highlights package from the fantastic world of Photography.


Filter Innovation

Some extremely wide-angle lenses like the Canon EF 11-24mm F/4 have a rear holder for gelatin filters, but this is completely new. These filters from Aurora Aperture work around the same principle of placing the filter behind the lens instead of in front. These filters seem to be extremely lightweight, which is very convenient for certain genres that require constant investments in good walking shoes. Their current plan is to develop 4 types of filters:

  • PowerUV sensor protector filter
  • PowerND neutral density filter (2, 4, 6, 8, 12, 16 stops)
  • PowerGND graduated neutral density filter (1.5, 2.5, 3.5 stops)
  • PowerDusk light pollution reduction filter

You can see more about this promising gadget here, and you can “buy” yours here.

Fujifilm Responded

After noticing that some users were experiencing a loose vertical grip control lock, Fujifilm launched a repair program for their valuable customers. These are the serial number ranges that Fujifilm has spotted that might be presenting this issue:

  • 92001001 ~ 92001975 (excluding 92001830, 92001832, 92001833)
  • 93001001 ~ 93001034, 93001038, 93001039, 93001041, 93001046
  • 92A01001 ~ 92A01525
  • 92M01001 ~ 92M01027

If you want to know more about this, then click here.

And They Said I Was Crazy…

Augmentations are actually happening, and we are about to get a whole new layer of them. A team from the University of California has started to develop a soft contact lens that can zoom in and out, just like a regular zoom lens from a camera. You can read the paper here.

NIKKOR Z 85mm f/1.8 S

Nikon has just announced a new and very much awaited lens for their mirrorless systems. This is an 85mm, a major favourite among serious portrait photographers. This new lens comes with something a bit different, the S, from the S-Line lenses. It features Eye-Detection AF and promises an extreme level of sharpness. What we find truly impressive about these new lenses is the Multi-focus system, which features two AF drive units that are highly synced to deliver fast, accurate autofocusing and drastically reduces aberrations. You can preorder it here.

And Canon Isn't Behind

After Canon released their mirrorless system with the Canon EOS-R a very promising RF lens-lineup had everyone's expectations high, but things haven't happened as expected. According to Canon Rumors, it is very possible that we will get to see an RF 15-35mm f/2.8L IS USM as well as an RF 24-70mm f/2.8L IS USM in 2019. Unfortunately, the 70-200mm f/2.8L IS USM (a highly demanded lens) is still not on the radar…

Yongnuo Is Getting More Clever

John Aldred shared with us a very intuitive lecture on how Yonguo has started to finally unify their flash systems. This comes right after the release of the YN560-TX Pro flash trigger which basically allows you to trigger almost all Yongnuo flashes. Yongnuo is a third party Chinese manufacturer that has made photography a better place for plenty of beginners. They have also announced a new high-power outdoor flashlight, the YN200 Speedlite.

New Sony RX100

This is the seventh version of this highly popular camera from Sony. And it comes with a pretty high price tag: $1,199.99, so we can't simply expect a “point and shoot camera”. These cameras have become the go-to camera for vloggers, and it promises some “serious movie-making features”. The Sony RX100 comes with a 24-200mm f/2.8-4.5 Zeiss lens. You can read more about it and its powerful EVF here.

So, Meyer Optik Görlitz Will Try it Again

Do you remember that $3,000 50mm f/0.95 that was a total fraud? Well, they are trying to come clean this time, and they have announced that they'll completely overhaul their lenses portfolio. This will include, of course, various optimized and redesigned lenses, as well as a brand new optic. Here you can read more about their “god intended” plans. Everyone will be watching you guys, so don't mess it up.

Magnetic Filter Holder by H&Y Filters

Very handy and convenient, H&Y has developed two quick-release magnetic filter frames that will make your long exposures an easier task. These come in the following measures 100x100mm ($34.99) and 100x150mm ($34.99, yeah, they both have the same price), and use magnets to mount the ND and GND filters, so you can expect some time gain.


On FaceApp

Much dust has been in the air after the Old Filter from FaceApp became viral. I saw some photos and the rendering was quite amazing, but I knew something weird was going on there. It is not the fact that you are giving these folks your photo, but that they have the ability to be so very sure about how you will look in the future, which is quite scary for me. Allen Murabayashi gave a nice wrap up that you should read if you are still tempted to “play this game”. Giving privacy away is not a new thing, but giving these folks permission to distribute our future looks, that is something I don't want to happen.

Slimming Down Those JPEGs

Maybe you don't care that much about resizing or reducing your JPEG files, but there are some great benefits beyond simply saving space on your computer (which honestly, fewer people do nowadays). It is more about enhancing your website users' experience by making your site a much faster place to load. Simple as that, it is all about the experience. This is a seamless plugin that fits in Lightroom, Photoshop, and now, Capture One Pro! For those folks with an image-intensive website, this is for you. Your pages will load faster, improving user experience, monetization and especially SEO. Oh, and this isn't just for photographers of course.

5 Mistakes You Probably Make While Using Lightroom

Serge Ramelli shared a video on 5 mistakes he has spotted many photographers make while using Lightroom. If you don't want to watch the ~13 minutes video these are the usual mistakes, and he is right:

  • Too much Clarity, contrasty and Textures
  • Too Obvious Dodge and Burn
  • Colours from another planet
  • Not using the standard crops or Horizon not straight
  • Oversaturated photo


Father/Son Photography Journey

We are always watching the world throughout the view of countless eyes, and we are somewhat aware of that. But making it a more intimate thing takes the experience to a whole different level. Here in this video by BH you can watch how Aaron Huey‘s son Hawkeye Huey has started to register the world around him at the age of 4 (he is 9 years old now) and we can actually see it here, and the kid is a natural…

Will You Risk it All in Order to Be Ephemerally Famous?

I want to emphasize ephemerality since some people seeking virality haven't understood yet that popularity is ephemeral. Last week we noticed a bunch of people risking it all in order to take some photos at a gorgeous-yet-toxic looking lake in Spain called Mente Neme. This isn't the only case in which people have put themselves in danger just to be InstaFamous, Novosibirsk Lake in Siberia has also been an issue. Maybe this paper could give people a different perspective on risky-selfies and might even save a life or two.

Behind The Kitchen Debate Image

Iconic photos usually serve two purposes, the first is that they allow us to pin-point history in a more precise way. And the other and more important one, they help to reroute history due to their visual power on a global scale. Sixty years ago, Elliott Erwitt took one of the most important photos of the century, the one of US Vice President Richard Nixon confronting Soviet Premier Nikita Khrushchev. This debate happened at a kitchen exhibit, and you can see the whole contact sheet here, so you can get a better perspective of what was going on there. They both were very heated.

Photographers and Camera Fans, Beware!

Dunja Djudjic shared a detailed story of how Liz Moughon got scammed after selling a brand-new Sony a6500 with 18-135mm lens. The buyer then claimed that she sent a Sony Nex-6 with a 20mm lens, and posted some photos. It was all a fraud in order to keep the camera and the money. So be careful folks.

Exposure vs. Money

There is no perfect or exact recipe for achieving sustainability, especially if you want to fly solo as a photographer. You need to start somewhere, and usually, exposure seems like a great deal, but, when to stop? When to start charging real money? When do you accept trade as a payment? Well, you won't get the perfect answers, but at least you could read Jason D. Little's article in order to get a better glimpse about balancing things out. This is a steep road, but it is fun to walk it in the end.


What About a Nice DIY Project?

Getting digital versions of film has always been a hot topic, and recently Steven Heap shared a nice do-it-yourself project that promises to help us out when scanning slides. The principle is quite simple, macro-photos of well lit and perfectly still slides. Beautiful. I think it can work for negatives as well, but you'll have to invert in Photoshop later.

Shooting a Video with a WWI Lens

Well, that header pretty much says it all. Mathieu Stern managed to shoot a video through a 100 years old lens after detaching it from a Kodak Vest Pocket Camera, also known as the Soldier's Camera, and you can watch it all here! It is beautiful craftwork. Enjoy!


Soraya Zaman – American Boys

Here you'll find 140 beautiful and profoundly honest photographs depicting several trans Americans. This is an intimate work that approaches via visual intimacy the lives and stories of several men whose identities are often put up for debate, especially by those far from their daily lives. This work has been featured on MTV and The Guardian. You can get your copy here.

Marco Marzocchi – Oyster

In this photographic work, Marco Marzocchi opens himself after having a difficult childhood. This is a personal history that took 10 years of production. “Oyster” is a visual diary that helps the author in the first place to understand his absent parents. By using both archival and original imagery, Marco has been able to develop forgiveness and has started to let go. You can get your copy here.

The Best of Lensculture 3

It's that time of year when LensCulture releases their “The Best of LensCulture” compilation. This is the third volume and it is gorgeous. These books highlight the emerging talent in photography worldwide, but also it shows you the visual trends that are becoming popular among photographers. I gotta be honest, the binding isn't the best, just like their previous editions, but for that price, you can't be picky about it. Print quality is pretty decent, the binding is the problem. Oh, and for some odd reason, they haven't published the promotional video yet.

World Press Photo 2019

If you are more into Photojournalism, this is the equivalent to the aforementioned book. Although these publications have a long legacy, they have also changed to Schilt Publishing so you can expect some odd binding as well.