Time To Grab A Cup Of Tea And Enjoy This Update From The Photography World

Photo by Osman Rana
Photo by Osman Rana

Keeping it up with all the ton of photography related news is hard; but don't worry, we are doing the hard work for you! Welcome to your highlights from the fantastic world of Photography.


Hold your Horses

If you were planning on getting the extremely powerful and promisingly lightweight Nikkor 500mm Super Telephoto then perhaps you'll have to wait a bit. At least if you like buying your stuff on Amazon. You can read more about what's going on here at Nikon Rumors. Apparently, Amazon has been canceling their regular shipment process for the lens due to lack of availability and not because Nikon isn't releasing this highly expected beast.

Fujinon XF33mm f/1.0

Real or not, this Czech store has made some buzz by setting up this internal page with a lens that is going to be real, but in 2020. In 2018, Fujifilm released a highly promising lens roadmap for 2019 and 2020, and it included an f/1.0 33mm lens. According to Fujirumors the price for the lens is roughly $3K after converting it from Czech crowns, which makes it a very expensive lens for Fujifilm. Time advances at a very overwhelming pace these days, so we'll get to 2020 in no time and we'll have more details about this magnificent proposal in the future.

Periscope Lens for Huawei P30

We can't deny the power smartphones have given to the people in terms of photography, and this year we'll see more innovations. We already got foldable phones earlier this year, and now Huawei is presenting a new way of zooming, by giving pure zoom with a periscope-like internal device. Although, there has been a lot of controversy around Huawei since they got caught up using photos that weren't taken with their phones. I guess we'll have to wait until we get some reviews to know if that periscope lens really is worthy or just a gimmick.

Larger Sensors for Leica

Getting massively powerful sensors has been a very popular strategy among camera manufacturers, and Leica is joining them now. Leica will update their Q2's sensor and besides being huge (47.3Mp full-frame) it will be weather resistant too. The whole thing has been re-engineered to support weather sealing, and you guessed it, it will be pricey. Get yours for just $4995. Get to know more about this splendid camera here, and watch their beautiful promotional video here.

$3,000 50mm f/0.95 was a Fraud

There has been a recent rush for extremely luminous lenses, and  Meyer Optik Gorlitz did something really bad in order to glide into the “less than f/1.0” club. According to John Aldred, they have admitted that they simply used a “cheap” Chinese lens and sold it after overpricing it.


About the Famous High Pass Filter

If you ever got the chance of talking with photographers (away from the keyboard or not) there is a high chance that you've heard the term “high pass filter”. This is a Photoshop tool that offers a sharpening simulation (since until this day it is technically impossible to sharpen an image in terms of focus, you can only mimic the feeling of focus sharpness) and when used slightly it can really pop up your photos. The trick is to stop applying it as soon as you start getting artifacts or funny effects. Here Jasenka Grujin explains in depth how to use this filter.


Apparently, Unfollowing People Requires Some Skills

I'm not a fan of social media platforms, and when I was finally convinced to create an Instagram account I started following people that made my feed a constant inspiration source. So far I have to recognize that I need to do some cleansing, and this article written by Michael Stuart really got my attention right away. It is funny how people simply follow others in order to gain followers (hence acceptance or some sort of vanity-guided-metrics), and if you are starting to wake up, this technique might help you out into making wise cleansing decisions.

About Getting Photos Stolen

Getting photos stolen is perhaps one of the biggest fears newcomers to photography experience while uploading their photos. That's why we see so many hideous watermarks out there. I recently read this piece by Scott Choucino in which he explains his point of view about “getting your photos stolen”, and since he is an actual commercial photographer (specialized in food) I think his ideas are pretty valid and definitely worthy to read.

All Hipsters look Alike

As a person highly interested in social behavior, I found this article from MIT to be very interesting (not to say hilarious) about how all hipsters look alike. I know that this seems like this has nothing to do with photography, but just read the review from the article (which is highly nerdy, I'm still reading it, nice and slow) to see how photography can offer some funny stories sometimes.

What About Trying a Telephoto for Street Photography?

This is really crazy, but after watching the work of Ralph Gibson I started considering that Telephoto lenses could offer a wide range of creative possibilities when doing street photography. I stumbled into this article by Simon King and I think it is fascinating. Here you'll find a lot of the benefits of actually using a telephoto (he picked a 90mm) for street photography.


You can never have enough bags, and Manfrotto knows it very well. They have introduced a new trolley that seems to be able to fit a lot of gear. I'm definitely not their target, but just watching this video was extremely satisfying for me. This is the Pro Light Reloader Air-55, and it can fit two full-frame DSLRs, five lenses and even a 17″ laptop, and it is retailed at $379.99.


The End of the Winter is Here

Take a look at this brief yet fantastic set of photos from the Pancake Week, a traditional festivity from the Slavic regions of Russia, Belarus, Ukraine, and Kyrgyzstan. The ancient ceremony is also called “Maslenitsa” and is a pagan ritual aimed to farewell the winter.

Venezuela is Suffering

This has escalated into something really serious, and this has to stop now…