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Photo by Garth Manthe
Photo by Garth Manthe

New Fujinon on the Block

Fuji is on a rampage, and the recently announced one of their most expected lenses from their previously published roadmap, a 16mm f/2.8 lens. This is an extremely compact wide-angle fixed 16mm lens that promises an extremely fast autofocus performance, and it weighs just 155g so it is nice for various applications involving carrying more stuff (like landscape of course).

As with many other Fuji lenses, this is a weather resistant lens with the capability of working at optimal conditions in low temperatures (as low as -10°C). You can read more about this fantastic prime here. This lens is only $399.00, and like all other Fujinon lenses, it comes with a hood, and it looks awesome!

Lightest and Most Accessible Full Frame Digital Camera Ever

Canon is still on the verge of making mirrorless full-frame cameras, and it has awakened our expectations after announcing their newest lenses lineup.

They officially announced their newest EOS RP full frame mirrorless camera. This is a breakthrough indeed because they are selling a full frame camera at $1,299.00, which is the price of a modest APS-C sensor camera from just a couple of years ago. You can watch more about this newest camera here, we are sure that this will definitely make more and more people interested in photography.

Fuji's Third Medium Format Camera

Following Fuji's spree, some days ago during the Gulf Photo Plus in Dubai, they announced that they'll be releasing a new medium format camera (this will be their third) that will correspond to the classic modular system medium format cameras have been famous since the days of film. Here at DPreview, you can see a gallery with some concepts related to the expected camera. It is highly likely that this concept could change a lot, or not.

Sigma Ships Its 28mm T1.5 Full-Frame Cine Lens

One thing that intrigues me the most about lenses is Cine lenses actually, even though I don't shoot cine (yet). They look so precise and massive that their whole appearance just intrigues me. Sigma has been long known as a high-quality third-party option, and in recent years they have truly started to value themselves as a high-quality company, and their prices have escalated a bit. They are also producing Cine lenses, and their newest Full Frame High-Speed Prime is a 28mm with an aperture value of T1.5. If you want to know more about the difference between f and T aperture values, you should check out this video by Wolfcrow.


Are You Interested in the Film Look?

If you started the other way around in photography (digital first and then you stumbled into film) there is a high chance that you've felt a slight interest for the film look when you were working on digital. It is hard to emulate a specific film look because it is like mimicking the way a sensor registers light, it can always change but there is something there that can be felt in a consistent way. Adam Welch wrote a very interesting article that I think is worth reading if you are interested in achieving film looks from scratch in Lightroom.

Just Found Out About Instagram Pods…

I'm not even near to being an acknowledged Instagram user, and I basically use it for showcasing my portfolio which consists of only 25 images. Last week we stumbled into an interesting article written by Danette Chappell on something called “pods” on Instagram. Please forgive me if this sounds extremely old-aged and even noob, but maybe there are still people out there like me that had no idea about this weird and complex maneuver Instagram pulled in order to “empower” its users into being more in “control of how they create audiences”. It is worth reading.

Tone Curves beyond Dynamic Range

For me, the tone curve responded only to the logic of dynamic range, and while it is true to a point, this video by Becki and Chris shows some really useful stuff in order to master the tone curve in Lightroom. The act of taking a photo with a camera is just “50%” of the work (if not less), the other percentage comes by developing the raw file, and Lightroom is one of the favorite pieces of software among many photographers, although, it is not the only option. But just like cameras, you can use any camera as long as you understand the logic of exposure, you just need to understand the logic of raw file development and you can work with any software.


The 2019 IAPBP Image Competition Winners Have Been Announced!

The International Association of Professional Birth Photographers (IAPBP) has just announced their winners, and these shots are really something (more close to photojournalism and documentary photography than the traditional motherhood photography). Viewing discretion is highly advised.

Johnny Depp as W. Eugene Smith

W. Eugene Smith is one of the most important photographers from the twentieth century.  He had a huge determination for showcasing reality as it unraveled in front of his eyes. Last week we saw a single photo that gave us the first look of his newest role as W. Eugene Smith in the new film called “Minamata” after the very well known photo reportage done by Smith after the Minamata disease in Japan.

15 Million 500Px Accounts Compromised

As in Kehl Bayern's words “One of the biggest risks of any enterprise that collects information in the digital age is that that data could be hacked.” And that is exactly what happened with 500Px last week. If you have a 500Px account and haven't received an email from them, we strongly advise that you change your password.


Kosmo Foto

Just the packaging of this film got my attention immediately, and, yes, I know that that is not an objective criterion, but it still looks promising. Kosmo Foto was announced in 2017 and is finally available and you can start buying it here! Kosmo Foto Mono is a 100-ISO panchromatic black-and-white film, perfect for all 120 cameras.


Alex Majoli's New Book Captures the Theater Of Life

From political demonstrations to the quiet moments of everyday life, Alex Majoli from Magnum has captured a wide spread of events during his career. His work has a common denominator, the subtle use of light, and if you are passionate about social-documentary photography, then this book is a must.


Daniel Castonguay

Daniel is defined as a “street photographer in heart and soul”. Here you can read an interview done by 1X and also you can get to see some pictures.

Super Snow Moon

This year has been very active in terms of Full Moons, here is an amazing selection made by The Atlantic showing us how this phenomenon was witnessed all over the globe.