Grab A Coffee And Relax With This Week In Photography


Photo by Alexander Andrews
Photo by Alexander Andrews

Here it is – a wrap up of this past week in the photography world!


Voigtländer Revival

If you are not familiar with Voigtländer don't worry, this company has been around since 1756, and it has evolved and even shut down in 1971. In the twentieth century it was a major player in the photography game, and now it wants to be back in the game. They announced a pair of new “vintage lenses” last week, a 21mm f/3.5 and a 35mm f/2. Both lenses are designed to be M mount, ergo Leica mounts. Check them out here.

World's Smallest Gimbal

Beyond drones, DJI also manufactures other photography related gadgets. They just released what is being called the smallest three-Axis gimbal camera so far. It is compact and weighs only 4.1 oz and has a length of 4.8″ which makes it extremely portable.

It has a built-in camera with an impressively large 1/2.3″ CMOS sensor. You can watch the review made by B&H here.

What about a heatable photo vest?

Photo vests have been around since forever, and they are iconic. However, in the twenty-first century, it could have extra value. We are shooting lighter and we aren't carrying film around anymore.

The COOPH Heatable Photo Vest offers not just style but also a heating function, extremely useful in the winter.

What about a house camera?

We heard about somebody trying to transform a large truck into a camera, but this is way more insane. Ian Ruhter has made the world's largest wet collodion plate by turning an abandoned house into a huge camera. The plate measures 66″x 90″. Here is Obscura!


Capture One 12

Lightroom is a favorite when it comes to developing RAW files, but Capture One has been advancing a lot, and honestly, it is more powerful now than Lightroom.

Last week version 12 was released, and it features something we all have been really wanting for a long time, Fujifilm Film Simulation Support via styles. It features a redesigned UI, some really interesting masking tools, and A New Plug-in Ecosystem that allows third-party goodies. Here is a video explaining all the new features that it has, and it can be yours starting at $180.


Cinematography is BAE

If you want to learn about photography, there is always plenty of stuff you can do beyond practice. One of them is watching movies, a lot of them. Cinematographers have a keen eye, and if you are able to stop a movie at any moment and you get a decent photograph, then you can say that the cinematographer behind the camera is talented. Last week Fstoppers published a story of how cinematography helped modern television become what it is today.


A Life in Pictures

On November 20th the biggest and most comprehensive book on Steve McCurry and his work was published, and we are thrilled to see what it has to offer to us. The book is massive, and it includes not only photographs but text and even contact sheets.


Slow Paced Astrophotography by the Hubble Space Telescope

Stay tuned every day to see a new photo from the Hubble telescope here. This will be a very fun thing to do, so far the available images are mind-blowing.

Top News Photos of 2018

Is that time of the year where The Atlantic starts publishing the most striking photographs from the year, and oh boy, this is huge. They'll release them in three parts, so stay tuned. Some of them are pretty strong, so viewers discretion is advised.