Filter Forge Contest Results

Last week, I posted a review of Filter Forge, an advanced Photoshop plugin. I also posted a way for three lucky winners to get a free license for the software — a photo contest using the trial version of Filter Forge.

We had some great work entered in the contest and I had a difficult time picking only 3 winners. A big thanks goes out to all the participants!


FF 10
Devin Hayes, Lomo Filter

This one took me a minute to figure out because I’ve never seen a photo of the building. This is a tilt-shift photo of the Milwaukee Art Museum and it sits at an angle as shown in the image (no tilt on the composition). The Lomo filter used maintains a relatively “clean” look while shifting the colors just a bit.

FF 11
Roy Moore, Grunge Filter

The Grunge filter was a popular choice among participants, but this photo exhibited the best use of the filter. The simple subject and color set gains strength from the busy texture of the grunge filter and produces somewhat of a visual cross between painting and photo.

FF 08
Robbie Ewing, Dreamy Filter and Film Frame

The dreamy filter applies well to portraits because of the softening effect. Highlights and colors are also pushed up a bit, producing a slightly high-key and high contrast/saturation image. The film frame adds a nice organic border to the image, keeping the viewer interest near the center of the photo.


These entries are shown in the order they were received. Great work from everyone — I had a hard time bringing my top 6 or 7 down to my top 3.

FF 01
Gilberto Agostinho, Vibrance Filter and Film Frame

FF 02
Paulus B. Weldy, Dreamy Filter and Photo Frame

FF 03
Victoria Pickering, Colorize Filter

FF 04
James Kammin, Old Photo Filter and Photo Film Frame

FF 05
Mark Ledingham, Plastawrap and Bridge Lighting Filters

FF 06
Susan Pollard, Grunge Filter

FF 07
Malcolm Smith, Old Photo Filter

FF 09
Justin Kuhlers, Real Contrast Filter and Film Frame

FF 12
Rob Anderson, Grunge Filter

FF 13
Heather Katsoulis, Watercolor Painting Filter and Watercolor Frame

FF 14
Steven M., Sunburst Filter

FF 15
Leszek Leszczyński, Watercolour Frame

Again, a big thanks to the folks who participated.