Join the Epic Edits Facebook Fan Club

Alright… I FINALLY got this thing going after a long period of procrastination. Epic Edits is officially on Facebook.

I've been on Facebook for quite a while with my personal profile, but I'm just not getting around to making a page for Epic Edits. I'm still figuring out how to set it up and what to put there, so what you see now is only a starting point.

I have to admit that I don't really “get” the Facebook pages, but I'm sure I'll figure it out soon enough. I suppose it's useful for the folks that spend a good deal of time on Facebook keeping up with their friends and favorite websites. I can also see the Facebook page being another good place to have conversations on the topic of photography.

As of now, I have the following things set up on the Facebook page:

  • Full Posts: Hopefully this will work the way I expect it to… I'm pulling the full posts from the RSS feed and posting them as “notes”. So you can basically read the entire articles right there on Facebook, “comment” on the articles (in the Facebook realm), and “like”/”share” articles with your own network of friends.
  • Discussions: We don't have a general forum here on the blog, so maybe the Facebook page can serve as a basic discussion forum if you have any questions or thoughts to share with other readers or myself.
  • Flickr Photos: Just as I do on the blog, I'll be showing off the most recent Flickr photos (small square thumbnails only) on the Facebook page so other readers can click through and check out the pool.

I'm kind of new to this Facebook page stuff, and I don't really know what else needs to be present. So…


For those of you that use Facebook to follow along with your favorite blogs, what other features/items would you like to see on our page? Could you drop a link to other well-done pages?

For those of you that have Facebook pages of your own, what applications should I check out? It seems like there are so many of them, it's hard to tell what works best.

And for the blog design, I'm thinking of making some minor changes to integrate the Twitter and Facebook buttons more naturally. I'm considering taking out the “related posts” and “share this” items directly below the post and replacing that space with some small buttons for sharing via Twitter, Facebook, and one or two others. I've got the WordPress plugin for Tweetmeme, but there seems to be a ton of options out there for Facebook — which one works the best for Facebook “like” and/or “share” buttons? Any feedback would be greatly appreciated!