eBook Review: 10 Ways to Improve Your Boudoir Photography Now

So here's a book review that's a little more out of my comfort zone than normal. Edward Verosky approached me about doing a review of his recent eBook titled “10 Ways to Improve Your Boudoir Photography Now”. Honestly, this is a subject that I know next to nothing about — it's just not a widely discussed topic.

Now, when we talk about “boudoir”, we're not talking about anything trashy — it's quite the opposite. This is a highly professional market run by highly professional photographers. With that said… the images in this post are somewhat “edgy”, and the photos in the eBook are even more so (Yes, partial nudity. But very tasteful.)

If you're drawn to the studio and working with people, this may be a niche worth looking into. Read on for a more detailed review of this book.

“10 Ways to Improve Your Boudoir Photography Now” can be purchased through Edward Verosky's website. (affiliate links)


10 Ways to Improve Your Boudoir Photography Now is a 44 page PDF eBook available for instant download. The book is intended to be viewed in a two-page format (as you can see by the dashed lines in the samples below). The content provides a great deal of tips and advice backed up by example photos.

We start off with a quick introduction to set the tone, followed by 9 sections aimed at different aspects of boudoir photography. At the end, Edward provides a sampling of posing examples and his final thoughts in a conclusion. The first half of the book covers the business side of things and how to work with clients. The last half of the book deals more with the creative/photography side of things.

The sections of the book include: The Psychology Behind Boudoir, Prepare Your Subject For A Successful Shoot, Set Limits For The Best Results, Use Encouragement & Direction To Get The Most From Your Subject, The Two-Light Setup That’s Foolproof, The Retouching Tools That Always Work, The Four Best-Selling Poses, Five Go-To Shots When All Else Fails, and How to Get The Candid Look They Love.


Edward Verosky is a creative boudoir, portrait, and editorial photographer working out of Austin, Texas. His distinctive photography is emotionally engaging, and often stylistically cinematic. Ed has many years of experience making women look beautiful in pictures.

Ed comes off as being extremely professional and knowledgeable based on the writing in the eBook and on his blog — certainly a guy worth paying attention to!


Definitely a recommended book for any photographer looking to get into, or improve their boudoir photography. This niche is far less talked about in photography books, blogs, and forums than other niches. So a resource like this is pure gold for the photographers wanting to learn about it. While it may not substitute for years of experience in this field, the eBook can certainly give you a head start in the right direction!

“10 Ways to Improve Your Boudoir Photography Now” can be purchased through Edward Verosky's website.