Say Hi to the New Photography Blogs

Ronald Waves
photo credit: ***Karen

I recently posted some tips for starting a new photography blog and I asked any new bloggers to promote their sites. I had actually expected more of a response, but we did get a few chiming in with their links (similar situation to the recent Twitter post… *hint, *hint). Is nobody blogging anymore? Or is everybody already blogging?!

At any rate, I thought it would be cool to give a shout to the new kids on the block and offer up some encouragement in their early days. Keep at it, you guys — your future returns will be proportional to the effort you put in now.

And for those new bloggers who didn't drop a link… sorry! You missed the boat! That's blogging for ya — be fast and get lucky.

  • Miguel Carvajal Photographer
    Photoblog: Showing the World's beauty through photography…
  • Ellen Boughn – Stock Photography Consultant
    Photography Blog: Tips, advice, and thoughts for stock photographers.
  • EvilBear Photography
    Journey Blog: A journal to record my growth in the world of photography.
  • Tyson Williams
    Sandbox Blog: Photos, tips, thoughts, etc. from a freelance photographer.
  • Outside Your Window
    Journey Blog: The study of photography and using it to teach an appreciation for nature.
  • Bret Edge Photography
    Photography Blog: Expert advice, tips, techniques, equipment, and more.
  • Paris and I
    Photoblog: Paris street photography and commentary from an iPhone.
  • Photo and Pictures
    Photography Blog: Tips and techniques for amateurs wanting to develop their photo skills.
  • My Solan
    Journey Blog: A very new blog depicting the life of a photographer in Solan.
  • Brian Cooney's Blog
    Photoblog+: Photos, plus thoughts and tips concerning those photos.

Be sure to check out a few of these new blogs — you might like what you see (and you never know who will be the next “big thing” in the photography blogging community). Some of them strive to become a community pillar, others post for fun, and others are just exploring the whole blog thing. Whatever their reason may be, click through and see what they're up to (a rush of new visitors is a huge source of encouragement for new bloggers).

My feed reader is almost filled to the brim, but I found several of these blogs worth adding to my list of follows. So, really… check 'em out and welcome them to the community.