Updates on the Twitter Situation

I've been on Twitter for nearly three years under the alias of @auer1816 (it was my email handle in college and I use it for a lot of social media accounts just out of habit). The Twitter account has been a mixture of personal and blog related items and I've used it anywhere from several times per hour to only a few times per week. Up to this point, that account has been associated with Epic Edits.

I figured it was time for a change and I wanted to separate my personal stuff with the photography blogging stuff. So I went ahead and made a new account for Epic Edits.

This account will post blog updates, links to photography articles around the web, photography related news items, etc. I'll also use this account to follow other photography bloggers and hardcore link-sharers so I can keep up with the current events a little better. So if you want those types of Twitter updates, go ahead and follow @epicedits.

My personal account will be used to post random thoughts, updates on my photography-related doings, and my daily out-and-about stuff. On this account, I'll be following personal friends and other photographers that have interesting things to say. If you're into that kind of stuff, follow @auer1816.

I also have a joint account for FeelingNegative.com that we use to post site updates, film related links, film news, etc. Like the Epic Edits account, we'll be following other film photography bloggers and hardcore link-sharers so we can see what's happening out there. If you're into that sort of thing, follow @feelingnegative.

And since I did it, feel free to share your own Twitter account(s) in the comments below… and maybe tell us what you Tweet about most of the time.