Link Roundup 03-13-2010

On the last roundup, I asked if we should kill the feature and just post single news-worthy items as they come in. We had a mixed response, and I'm still finding a middle ground I can manage to keep up with. So I posted a few in the news section of the site and I'm posting the remainder here. I did notice that the single posts had many more clicks to the source than these roundups do, and I even got an email from one of the featured bloggers making note of this.

So I think (for now) I'll keep doing the roundups on a bi-weekly basis, but I'll also be tossing out a few news-worthy items throughout the week when I find them. I don't want to flood the posting schedule with a bunch of link posts, but I'd also like to highlight the really good stuff in a more timely manner. So here's the “rest of the best” that I didn't get around to featuring these last two weeks.