Sponsors for January 2010

Since a lot of the regular Epic Edits readers utilize the RSS feed, I think it would be handy to give a shout out to the sponsors each month and say “thank you” for partnering with us. These folks provide the funds to keep the site running, and they provide services and products that are useful to photographers. So here's the line-up this month:

Online Photography Courses

Proud Photography

Proud Photography hosts an online photography school, currently with two offered courses: Interactive Online Photography Course and The Expert Wedding Photographer. You can also read my brief review of Proud Photography here.

Epic Edits also pulls in some residual from Google Adsense, Amazon affiliates, and various other affiliate programs. Those are helpful to fill in the empty spaces and I appreciate it when any of you pitch in through those avenues.

Also… stay tuned for an announcement in the next few days that should help fill out the remaining ad spots — but I'm going to need some help on this one.