Something is Gone Wronged

I posted an article a few hours back and I saw that it was acting funny (and not “haha” funny) — signs of spyware and/or malware causing images to not load correctly, malware warnings from Google, CSS not loading, and the page redirecting to a cruddy site (not going to post the link because it sucks, but it rhymes with “security tool now” — just Google it if you're curious, don't actually go there). So I've pulled back the post as a draft and I'm checking into a few things right now on my own computer and on the website database.

I'm really sorry if you visited the latest post and found anything you weren't expecting. I assure you that I'm as pissed off as you are right now (actually more, but I don't want to give the impression of superiority). I'll be working on getting things back up to speed as soon as possible and I'm hoping that this post doesn't freak out like the last one.

At any rate, contact me know if you see any weird stuff happening with your browser while viewing Epic Edits, and I apologize for any inconvenience it may cause you. Oh, and if you know how to fix it, that would be cool too.

Also, if you're the one responsible for this catastrophe, I'd appreciate a “cease and desist” along with a formal apology letter. Thank you.