Link Roundup 05-23-2009

As always, more awesome photography stuff from around the web. Here's a selection from the last couple weeks.

  • Symmetry – A User’s Guide
    Beyond Phototips
    A good overview of the various types of symmetry and how to incorporate them into your compositions for stronger impact.
  • 5 Keys to Taking Beautiful Maternity Portraits
    digital Photography School
    Maternity portraits can be slightly trickier than regular portraits – and by “regular”, I mean people who aren’t carrying 20-50 extra pounds around their belly, and experiencing indigestion and sharp kicks to the ribs! Here are a few keys to taking beautiful maternity portraits.
  • 10 Online Photography Magazines We Love
    Online photography mags can often be better than print magazines. Here are 10 selections from Photojojo!
  • Shake Your Tree Today
    Chase Jarvis Blog
    22 ways to get your photography in-gear. These are great inspirational ideas from Chase Jarvis.
  • PhotoNetCast #29 – The First Photo Critique
    Does sharing photography for free fit into your Business Model?
    Be sure to check out our first official photo critique on the PhotoNetCast! And in this main episode we address a topic that has been and will still fuel intense debates: How can one fit sharing photography works online, and even allowing free non-commercial use, into a business model?
  • A Quick and Effective Way to Enhance Contrast in Photoshop
    digital Photography School
    Here's a quick little Photoshop method for increasing contrast in your photos. Give it a try!
  • The Top 20 Strangests/Coolest/Most Beautiful Pinhole Cameras
    Holga Blog
    You like making your own cameras, right? Of course! So here are 20 examples of awesome pinhole cameras!
  • Sports Photography – An Introduction
    digital Photography School
    Taking great sports action photos doesn’t require the newest auto focus cameras and lenses on the market, it just requires the photographer to have thorough knowledge of the game that is being covered. Here are some tips to get you started.
  • Going From Bedroom To Studio To Bedroom In 108 Seconds
    Photographer James Burger walks us through a 108 seconds journey of converting his bedroom into a studio and back. And he does that stop motion, no less.
  • AIDS in Asia: The Human Face of HIV/AIDS
    Another amazing set of photos from Zoriah. This one had a strong impact, especially after Zoriah spoke of his personal experience of losing his Father to AIDS.