Link Roundup 02-14-2009

Here's what's happening out there this week.

  • 10 Websites To Learn Photoshop Online
    Want to step-up your Photoshop game? Check out these 10 great resources and they're sure to keep you busy!
  • Defining your photography goals
    Photographer’s Rights and the new UK Counter-Terrorism Act 2008
    In episode 22 of PhotoNetCast, we talk about defining goals as a photographer — a topic that is far more involved than you might think! Then, Martin and Antonio go on to record a special edition of the podcast. On February 16th, a new Counter-Terrorism Act will start being enforced in the UK. This Act is, to a certain extent, an amendment to the existing Terrorism Act of 2000. Two guest hosts help with this discussion.
  • Photographing my first wedding
    All Narfed Up
    My pal Bryan writes about his first wedding photography experience, handing out some great tips and insights along the way.
  • Monochrome Magic in Lightroom (ACR too!)
    If you're into digital b/w photos, check out this nice little discussion that offers up some great advice for Lightroom and ACR users.
  • How to Convert an Image to a Duotone in Photoshop
    digital Photography School
    Black and white photos are cool, but some images need something extra to bring out the best in them. Here's a nice tutorial for creating duotone images in Photoshop.
  • Film Is Dead. No Really!
    Is it really??? In this article, Jim brings up a great point and starts a great discussion on the topic. Read carefully, don't jump to conclusions, and be SURE to read the comments!
  • Photography 101.5 – Aperture
    digital Photography School
    Here's another awesome installment of the Photography 101 series from our friend Neil Creek. He dives into the topic of aperture this time around.
  • Spice it Up, With These Food Photography Tips
    Thinking about doing some food photography? Before you do, check out these great tips!
  • Attention Photographers! California Gathering at Death Valley???
    Trevor Carpenter
    If you live in the Southwest US, this might be a great opportunity to get together and learn a few things. What do you think?
  • 31 Truly Romantic And Inspiring Examples Of Wildlife Photography
    Smashing Apps
    For you romantics out there… here you go.
  • Endless Interestingness
    Barcinski & Jeanjean
    Want to blow a TON of time on the Internet looking at cool photos? Yeah? Check this out then.
  • Interviews by Crash Taylor
    Crash Taylor
    Every week Crash will be interviewing a photographer whose work pushes the boundaries of our profession to create images that are emotional, edgy, original, and most of all capture a unique moment in time.