Gear Swap Project at is running a cool project where you're asked to swap gear with a buddy and write up a review of the borrowed equipment. This is a neat idea because we often become desensitized to the pros and cons of our own equipment, but these things are very obvious when using new gear. The project gives you the opportunity to experience something new while also contributing a resource to the online community (your review).

The guidelines for the project are simple: find a partner, swap gear, go shooting with your partner, write a review, and post some photos. The gear swap could be anything including cameras, lenses, lighting equipment, tripods, etc. Some good ideas might include exchanging your Canon for a Nikon, your dSLR for a P&S, your digital camera for analog, your super-telephoto for a super-wide, your zoom for a prime, and so on.

The project is also a contest, and three winners will be picking up some two-week equipment rentals from First place gets a camera/lens combo, second gets a camera body, and third gets a lens (the specific bodies and/or lenses will be chosen by the winners). Also, the contest is only open to US residents due to the nature of the prizes and the location of the sponsor.

As a judge for the contest, I'll be looking for quality reviews that are packed with good information and accounts of the experience. I'll also be judging the entries on creativity and presentation, so put a little extra time and effort into it — it'll go a long way. Jim Talkington will also be choosing a winner for the contest.