Link Roundup 07-19-2008

Links from around the web…

  • Filters 101 (Part 2)
    Beyond Megapixels
    In this second installment of “Filters 101”, we learn about neutral density filters and polarizers.
  • Nine Reasons to Manually Focus When Taking Pictures
    Six Tips To Take Great Manual Focus Pictures
    Autofocus is a wonderful thing, but there are some situations when you'll want more control — see what they are. Part two of this talks about some tips for focusing manually.
  • Setting up Your Camera for Shooting HDR Images
    Here's a good informative video tutorial on how to setup and use your camera for HDR photography.
  • 8 Tips to get started with your first DSLR
  • Partnering with Real Estate Professionals
    Some tips and ideas for getting into real estate photography.
  • pinhole camera for trade
    Pro Photo Life
    Jim Talkington is doing an interesting experiment — he's trading off a pinhole camera for something else photographic, seeing what he can eventually work his way up to.