Link Roundup 07-12-2008

I'm almost a full day late with this post… I picked up 7 rolls of developed film this morning and I've been busy scanning all day. By the way, does anybody out there have a good solution for scanning 110 film?

  • how to develop black and white film for beginners
    An excellent video outlining the steps and equipment for developing your own black and white film.
  • How Every Flickr Photo Ended Up on Sale This Weekend
    A must read article for all online photographers. Jim explores some of the gaps in the Flickr API that allows for copyright infringements of Flickr content (your photos).
  • An Introduction to Digital Photography: Ten Ways to Improve Your Skills
    Paxton Prints
    There are plenty of ways to learn about photography. Check out these 10 steps and suggestions to get you rolling in the right direction. There's also a huge list of resources at the bottom of the article.
  • How to Win Friends and Influence People – A Guide to Commenting on Other People‚Äôs Photos
    digital Photography School
    Neil goes over some tips for commenting on other people's photos in a constructive and useful manner.
  • Another News Organization Lifted My Image
    LeggNet's Digital Capture
    Our buddy Rich seems to have a gift for getting his photos ripped off by the media.
  • Be creative with old cameras – Through the Viewfinder
    Words: Irrational
    An awesome and inspirational post about shooting through the viewfinder of older cameras to create really interesting stuff.
  • Screencast: Curves color enhancement tutorial
    A great little screencast on how to modify two different colors in an image and blend the enhancements together using a gradient layer mask.
  • Filters 101 (Part 2)
    Beyond Megapixels
    In this second installment of “Filters 101”, we learn about neutral density filters and polarizers.
  • And here's a cool little video on travel photography by Richard Wong.