Link Roundup 07-05-2008

  • 8 Photography Myths Debunked
    The points presented in this article are spot on 100% awesome. There are a lot of notions out there that many photographers end up believing to be true, but the accepted truth is not always true.
  • the appeal of the 50mm camera lens
    The 50mm prime lens is the king of all lenses… it's just a fact. Check out some of Jim's thoughts on why these lenses are so useful to have.
  • The importance of focus and quick tips on how to get it right
    Focus in photography is about a lot more than simply sharpness or being able to see what you are looking at. Focus can enhance a subject by making it stand out from or blend into its surroundings. Here are some tips for getting it right.
  • the 15 second DIY adjustable snoot!
    Five dollars and 15 seconds will get you a robust and adjustable snoot for your strobe. Great concept, and great DIY project!
  • Filters 101
    Beyond Megapixels
    It's back to the basics with filters. Check out the different types, styles, and sizes available for your filtering needs.
  • Photo Term Series #17: Hyperfocal Distance
    Jim defines the term “Hyperfocal Distance” for us in this quick and educational series of photography speak.
  • The Top 10 Things You Want Most In The Next Version of Photoshop
    Photoshop Insider
    Survey results for what features people want in the next Photoshop
    An amazing collection of interviews and advice from equally amazing photographers. A MUST See website!