At My Home Photo Contest Complete

At My Home Photo Contest Winner

A few weeks back, Udi Tirosh of hosted a project called “At My Home Photo Contest”. The project is based on the “America At Home” book, which contains hundreds of photos from photojournalists and amateur photographers on the topic of capturing the emotions and the essence of life in the home.

Udi asked me, Jim Talkington, Kerry Garrison, and Rick Smolan to be judges in the competition part of the project. We had 50 submissions to look through, narrow down, and select winners from. Four winners were chosen to receive a free copy of the “America at Home” book.

In addition to just choosing winners, we all got together on Skype and recorded a group podcast. We went through each of the runner-up photos and the winner photos (11 in total), offering up our thoughts on each image. I'd encourage you all to take a look at the final project page and give a listen to the podcast.

At My Home Photo Contest – Winners Page
At My Home Photo Contest Podcast via Camera Dojo
America at Home Book