Link Roundup 06-07-2008

As always, more great things happening around the internet. Here are some selections that I found particularly worth exploring.

  • Tip for DSLR Beginners: Get a 50mm Lens
    Beyond Megapixels
    If you're not on board with the 50mm lens yet, give this a read. Since getting one of these lenses, it almost never comes off my camera.
  • Introducing Your Little One to Photography
    Seven great tips for getting your kids interested in photography without scaring them off.
  • 8 Tips to Better Photo Composition
    A Matter of Memories
    Back to the basics with this one — a nice refresher on some simple things you can do to improve your composition skills.
  • Photography 101.4 – Exposure and Stops
    digital Photography School
    In this fourth installment of Photography 101, Neil Creek goes over the concepts of exposure (including the exposure triangle) and stops as it relates to exposure.
  • 10 Mighty Tips for Macro Photography
    Shutterbug Source
    If macro is your thing, or if you want to learn more about it, check out this collection of articles related to macro photography.
  • Are photographers really a threat?
    Bruce Schneier makes some pretty good points about photographers and terrorists, and how our society is making something out of a lot of nothing.
  • Who Is Stealing Your Photos Online?
    JMG Galleries
    Info & review of TinEye image search and the benefit it provides to photographers tracking image usage. Invites available for private beta of TinEye.
  • 10 Reasons Professional Photographers Charge What They Do
    Hub Pages
    Pros can make quite a bit of money doing what they do. But… there are plenty of good reasons for the price tag that comes with their service.