Link Roundup 05-17-2008

  • PROJECT: 3D For Everyone – Submissions
    Neil Creek
    Really great looking results so far on Neil's 3D project. There's still time left to participate — May 24th is the deadline.
  • 60 Photography Links You Can’t Live Without
    Ryan Goodman puts together an awesome list of photography blogs, portfolios, news sites, review sites, and Flickr goodies — all for us photographers.
  • Speeding up Photoshop with an External Drive
    The Online Photographer
    Here's a handy little Photoshop tip for getting some extra oomph out of your software via an external scratch drive.
  • Games to Play With Your Camera
    Looking for something fun to do with your camera? Here is a list of photography games intended to sharpen your skills while having a good time.
  • Digital IR Choices: Some technical background…
    A great resource for digital infrared photography: filters, cameras, technical details, processing, the works!
  • 12 Ways To Never Miss A Photo Opportunity
    digital Photography School
    Great advice from Jim Goldstein on keeping your head in the game and being prepared for whatever shot comes your way.
  • digital workflow: preserve those captures
    pro photo life
    If you think you're doing enough to backup your photos, take a look at this article by Jim Talkington. From a pro's perspective, this is all just a part of doing business.
  • 24 + 1 Photography Podcasts That Will Inspire You
    digital Photography School
    Martin Gommel puts together a huge list of photography related podcasts for your listening pleasure. My favorite is #25, but I might be slightly biased.
  • Photographers take a stand in LA – June 1st, 2008
    All Narfed Up
    Do you live near LA? Will you be joining these other photographers in a peaceful rally?