What Should I Write About?

This week, rather than use the typical poll format to ask a typical question, I'm going to turn the tables and have you ask me a question or lend a suggestion for future article topics.

The fancy little widget you see here (probably not visible to feed readers) can take your questions or suggestions while also counting votes. So if you see something on the list that you want to learn about, vote for it! If you don't, just click the “What Should I Write About” headline and you can enter your topic for others to vote on.

I can't promise that I'll get to every question or suggestion, but the more votes something has, the more likely I'll get to it quickly.

And remember to check in on the results from last week's poll that posed the question “Ballhead or Panhead?” when it comes to your tripod. I'll give you a hint… over twice as many prefer a ballhead over a panhead. Also, don't forget to check out the comments from the other readers — they make some good points for both sides of the argument.