Link Roundup 04-26-2008

  • 4 Concert Photography Tips
    Lightchasers Photography
    A good set of concert photography tips including lights, angles, expressions, and significant others.
  • 10 Tips for Being a Greener Photographer
    A few useful pointers on how to keep your photographic habits from smacking the environment around too much.
  • Photo Projects – Why you should participate
    digital Photography School
    I love photography projects, and here are a ton of reasons why they're so great.
  • May Challenge
    The May Challenge is coming up, and Trevor has decided that we'll be shooting specific objects each week. He just hasn't told us which ones yet!
  • 10 ways to make Google love your photography site
    SEO tips for photographers — great advice to get the search engines looking at your images.
  • The Impossible Art of Li Wei
    The work of Chinese artist Li Wei from Beijing is a mixture between performance art and photography. See the photos here.
  • Earth Day 2008
    1001 Noisy Cameras
    Earth Day roundup with 50+ stories!
  • The Wall Street Journal lifted my image!
    LeggNet's Digital Capture
    Nice… Even the Wall Street Journal is lifting images from Flickr. Way to be a good example guys.
  • Camera Raw, Bridge, or Lightroom?
    Photoshop Insider
    Scott Kelby goes over the similarities and differences between RAW processors found in ACR, Bridge, and Lightroom.
  • Six and Two Halves Must-Read Free Digital Photography eBooks
    A good collection of free eBooks on many different topics. Check them out — you're bound to find at least one of them useful.
  • Orphan Works bill introduced in US
    Have you heard about the Orphan Works legislation yet? If not, here's a good overview of what it is and how it works.