Link Roundup 04-19-2008


  • Share the Love
    Neil Creek
    Neil has another great project starting up this month, and he's asking you to take a photo of something in your life that you love.
  • Blog Statistics – Most Popular
    Photography related bloggers and photo sharing enthusiasts are invited to share which of their articles/pictures were read/seen the most.


  • Notes On Process
    Joseph Szymanski
    Notes from a film photographer on his darkroom process. From film to processing to enlarging to paper and developing — he covers the basics and puts us digital folks to shame.
  • When Editorial Uses of Photos Require Model Releases
    Dan Heller's Photography Business Blog
    Model releases are always a big deal with stock photography, but even editorial photography can require them in certain instances. Here's a rundown on the rules.
  • Ok, So Most of You Can Tell Graffiti From Fine Art
    Thomas Hawk's Digital Connection
    Thomas Hawk did a little experiment on his blog by presenting two paintings: one work of fine art and one piece of graffiti on a wall. Most guessed which was which, but I found myself more attracted to the graffiti (as did others).
  • Buyer’s guide: Buying a digital camera for your kids
    John Watson goes through his process for buying a camera for kids. Lots of things to think about and lots of options out there.
  • 10 Cameraphone Photographs that Rock
    digital Photography School
    Great photos from little cameras — It's pretty amazing what you can do with a camera phone.
  • Photoshop Lightroom Workflow Part 1: Importing & Organizing
    One photographer's approach to the digital workflow using Adobe Lightroom. Part 2 of this mini-series is yet to come.
  • Seven Reasons to Share Your Photographic Know How Online
    Sharing of knowledge is great — I'm a huge advocate of such things. Here's one photography blogger's take on sharing your know-how online.