Link Roundup 04-12-2008

More stuff… about photography… from around the web.

  • 25 Ways to Jump Start Photography Inspiration
    So, you finally have the time to shoot but lacking inspiration? Need a fresh flow of new Ideas? Here are 25 ways to get your photography creativity going.
  • Stranger Photos Have Happened
    The Plug
    This is such a cool idea. Get a disposable camera, tie it to a bench on a busy street corner, leave a note, and see what “develops”.
  • Mounting photos on foam board
    A quick lesson for beginners on mounting their photos on foam board for a show or other display.
  • A guide to Aurora photography
    Bud Kunzeli highlights the most important aspects of Aurora Photography and shares his experience and insights.
  • The Most Photogenic Out-of-the-Way Places on Flickr and How to Earn From Them
    Tips and ideas for making an earning from exotic location travel photography.
  • Your Best Friend’s Wedding
    digital Photography School
    10 tips for getting started in wedding photography.
  • PROJECT: Iron Chef Photography – Results
    Neil Creek
    The votes are in, check out the winners from the Iron Chef project over at Neil Creek's blog. Plus check out the commentary from myself and the other two judges.