What Would You Do… If You Could?

Dubya thought
Creative Commons License photo credit: Platform 3

Every so often I let my mind wander. I daydream of a life where money was out of the picture, career obligations no matter, and all other limitations non-existent. Whatever my heart desires; it's mine.

I ask myself: “What would I do… If I could?”

And so, as photographers, I ask you the same. What would you do… if you could? Where would your camera take you? Who would you photograph? What would you capture? And most importantly, would you even take your camera?

The poll this week is an essay quesion — no “easy buttons”. Share your thoughts in the comments on what you would do as a photographer if you had your way. I'll select a handful of the most insightful and inspiring comments over the next week and post them along with my own thoughts.

UPDATE: Check out the results of this poll where I've highlighted some reader comments and offered up my own answer to the question.